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  • New article published at IEEE SDN!

    Check out the latest issue of the IEEE SDN newsletter featuring our article on Addressing Key C...

  • 17-18.01.2017

    WINGS participated in H2020 #BigData #InfoDay in Luxembourg. Join us to discuss yourviews on #p...

  • 30.11-02.12.2016

    WINGS participated in the BDVA Summit 2016, in Valencia, Spain. The participation was for disse...

  • 24-25.11.2016

    WINGS participated in the PHANTOM project meeting in Nice, France....

  • 22-24.11.2016

    WINGS participated in the WssTP Brokerage & WG Event in Brussels, Belgium. The participatio...

  • 21-25.11.2016

    WINGS participated in the SPEED-5G plenary meeting in Munich, Germany....

  • 16-19.11.2016

    WINGS participated in the second year review of iKaaS Project, in Spain, Madrid....

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Product News

  • Check out the latest evolutions regarding Incelligent which is related to our work on "Knowledge-based and Predictive Management of 3G/4G Wireless Broadband Networks and Services".
  • WINGS has established a intensive collaboration with IBM for developing big data applications for the telecom, energy and banking sectors.
  • Check out the latest evolutions regarding Intel which is related to our work on "Policy-driven Cognitive Android Devices".
  • In the area of Health services/systems, WINGS will soon launch the MigraineNet product "Cloud platform for the analysis of Migraine Data based on Mobile Applications, Social Media, Wearables and Knowledge Management". The beta version of the product will be launched in Jan-2016.

Research Strategies

  • Check the latest 5G achievements and 5G strategy and interests of WINGS ICT Solutions.
  • Check also the approach of WINGS towards a cloud platform that encompasses IoT, Wearables and Nanosystems -based services.
  • WINGS is pursuing achievements in the area of smart systems for water management.
  • WINGS is also pursuing achievements in the area of smart management of power grid and energy networks (e.g., energy production, transmission, distribution).