Smart home | Assisted living

WINGS developed the STARLIT platform | Assisted living extension (cloud baSed ioT smARt LIving platform) with the following goals in mind:

  • To facilitate every day life
  • To provide personalised indoor environment adaptation and assistance
  • To contribute to home energy efficiency

Regarding use cases, the initial focus has been placed on the following:

  • To monitor home environmental conditions
  • To predict home environmental conditions
  • To provide respective automated adjustments / configurations

Technically, the WINGS ICT Solutions STARLIT platform | Assisted living extension relies on

  • Sensors, such as temperature, humidity and luminosity sensors
  • Actuators, such as lights, heating/air-conditioning
  • Communications technologies, such as HTTP, REST and MQTT
  • Data management algorithms, focused on improving the quality of the data
  • Data analysis and prediction algorithms
  • User friendly and customizable dashboards