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MigraineNet – FI-Adopt project accelerator (2015-2016) (Health) (EN Page) (GR Page)


MigraineNet project was funded by FI-Adopt project accelerator. The project was motivated by the fact that there has been an increasing need for developing technology that may realize new disruptive business models reducing healthcare delivery cost, opening up the access to (self-)care and driving a healthier lifestyle adoption. Migraine is a neurological disorder that causes both medical costs and loss of productivity, while it also has significant negative societal impacts.


To that respect, this project delivered a novel mobile application that aims at increasing awareness with respect to migraines, provide personalized information on the causes and first aid in terms of (self-)treatment and on top of that predict when the next migraine incident will occur. The associated cloud platform exploits 3 heterogeneous kinds of information:

  1. personal information such as the individual’s sex, age, habits and other known medical/environmental/working conditions
  2. the user’s daily habits
  3. information from other users with similar characteristics

The platform was built and validated using the FI-PPP technologies and enablers, e.g., for the development of knowledge building mechanisms, while two migraine experts, Dr. M. Vikelis and Dr. M. Dermitzakis, experienced neurologists and members of the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Headache Society (, act as health consultants in the project so as to ensure the scientific validity of the application.

Use cases/verticals

In a nutshell, MigraineNet:

  1. calculates the possibilities about when the next migraine incident will occur by analyzing the underlying information models,
  2. predicts and prioritizes the most possible causes that apply in the migraine instance of the user,
  3. suggests ways to relief the migraine (e.g., dietary suggestions, physical activities, relaxation techniques involving actuators when possible),
  4. guides the user to nearby pharmacies/doctor,
  5. proposes relevant articles, and
  6. supports calendar view and extraction of logged past incidents.

WINGS involvement

MigraineNet mobile application has been designed and implemented by WINGS ICT Solutions. Dr. M. Vikelis and Dr. M. Dermitzakis act as health consultants in the project so as to ensure the scientific validity of the application.

An overview of the MigraineNet concept is depicted in the figures that follow.


WINGS prospects/exploitation

Pilots are currently ongoing for those who wish to try MigraineNet application. Contact us at

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Q & A

MigraineNet is an innovative mobile application that offers personalized insights on a) the cause of your migraine, b) the respective relief actions you may apply and c) the possibility of getting a migraine within the month. Register your migraine incidents through MigraineNet and share with your doctor valuable information about your situation.

What is the basic functionality of MigraineNet:

In order to use the application you have to create a profile by pressing the “register” option and then answer to the questions that will appear. Even though you can choose to answer only some of the questions, it is advisable to answer all of them in order to receive more personalized results. Your profile can be edited at any time through the “Profile” section of the application. Then it is advisable to answer the "Daily Form" questionnaire on a daily basis in order the application to be able to predict the next migraine incident. Every time that a new migraine incident occurs, you can register it through the section “Register new incident” of the application. After you have registered a new migraine incident, the application will provide the 3 most possible triggers of your migraine incident and also for each trigger you will be able to access the corresponding relief actions and related articles. Last but not least, you can view your migraine history through the “Calendar” section and give your feedback concerning the effectiveness of the relief actions. See our videos “Register New User”, “Register New Incident” and “Daily Forms” for more details.

MigraineNet is based on advanced artificial intelligence methods. It processes the data you provide, then compares these data with data from users with similar history as yours. In that way, it learns how to help you more and more effectively.
It needs less than 5 minutes per day. Firstly, you have to complete your profile and then every day you can fill in a form concerning your daily habits. When you get a migraine you can fill in some more information about the incident (either during the time of the incident or afterwards).

MigraineNet application has been developed for people who suffer from migraines. Currently, it is available only for android devices (mobiles or tablets). Your device needs internet access but not a SIM card. A WIFI connection is sufficient. In the near future, it will also be provided for iOS and Windows devices.

Currently, MigraineNet is provided for the English and the Greek language. If the user has chosen the Greek locale in his mobile phone, then the application uses the Greek language. If the user has chosen any other language then the application uses the English language.

When you log a new migraine incident in MigraineNet application you have 2 choices, either to choose Start and End time for the Incident or to declare it as ongoing. In the second case you have to choose the Start time of the incident and also the “ongoing” button. When you submit your incident, it is declared as ongoing. When your migraine is over, you can come back to the incident to log its “End time”. You can do that through the “Calendar” functionality, where you can choose the incident and press the “View” button. Then, the past incident can be reviewed by pressing the “Edit” button that is located besides the End time. When pressed you can choose the End time for the incident from the date picker provided and press the ok button. At that time the information concerning the incident gets updated.

When you submit a new migraine incident, MigraineNet provides you with the 3 most possible triggers for your incident. Below each trigger you can find relief actions that may help you deal with the pain. When you want to see the relief actions of an incident that you have logged in the past, you can find them through the Calendar functionality by selecting the incident and moving to its third screen. There, you can press the “Triggers / Relief Actions” button and see the Triggers of your migraine and the relief actions per trigger.

This kind of information, is located to the “Profile” section of the application as it is generally not changing constantly. So, you can go to the “Profile” section through the navigation bar and you can find the work out information in the “Profile Information” section.

This is happening because you have some past incidents declared as “Ongoing” and there is no “End Time” registered. In order to register an end time for those incidents you will have to go to the “Calendar” section of the application. If you press each one of the days with red color you will see the following: Either the color remains red with a red border or it is white with a red border. When the color remains red you can find the incident and you can declare an end time for it. When you set an end time for the incident you will be able to see the real duration of your incident. This change was introduced in this version in order to see in the Calendar every day that you were in pain every month and not only the days that an incident started.

Video: Register New User

Video: Register New Incident

Video: Daily Forms


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