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WINGS ICT Solutions designed and developed MigraineNet aiming to offer a technology that

  • reduces healthcare delivery cost;
  • opens up the access to (self-)care;
  • drives a healthier lifestyle adoption; and
  • realizes new disruptive business models.

Migraine, as a neurological disorder, listed by WHO (World Health Organization) among the 8 most disabling diseases, causing high medical costs, loss of productivity and significant negative societal impacts was selected as the 1st use case that this technology focused on.

MigraineNet is a novel cloud platform, offered to migraineurs as a mobile application, that

  • calculates the possibilities and predicts when the next migraine incident will occur by analyzing the underlying information models and the user’s daily activities/habits;
  • predicts and prioritizes the most possible causes that apply in the migraine instance of the user;
  • suggests ways to relief the migraine (e.g., dietary suggestions, physical activities, relaxation techniques involving actuators when possible);
  • guides the user to nearby pharmacies/doctor;
  • proposes relevant articles; and
  • supports calendar view and extraction of logged past incidents.

Technically, MigraineNet platform relies on

  • 3 heterogeneous kinds of information: a) personal information such as the individual’s sex, age, habits and other known medical/environmental/working conditions; b) the user’s daily habits; and c) information from other users with similar characteristics;
  • FIWARE technologies and enablers for collecting and managing the data;
  • 2 technical components customized by WINGS for knowledge building, data analysis and predictions; and
  • User-friendly personalized mobile interfaces.

Dr. M. Vikelis and Dr. M. Dermitzakis, experienced neurologists and members of the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Headache Society (, acted as health consultants during the design of the system so as to ensure its scientific validity.



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