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5G connectivity in aquaculture operational environment

Another leading digital step for WINGS ICT Solutions  IoT / AI validate advanced services over #5G-connectivity in an aquaculture operational environment!  An

Innovative solution for Transport and Logistics


We have the potential to reshape the transportation ecosystem in a revolutionary way. WINGS is currently developing advanced 5G enabled AI/ML solutions for the Transport & Logistics

Cultural excursion through 5G-TOURS AR application

In the ever-changing world, WINGS ICT Solutions, manages through the 5G-TOURS  AR application to enhance a cultural excursion in cooperation with Ellinogermaniki Agogi (

WINGSPARK platform at AIA

WINGS IoT / AI powered solutions become 5G-ready!

An instance of the WINGSPARK platform is being deployed at Athens International Airport, in the context of 5G-TOURS project.

The system will