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5G-EVE: Introduction of Advanced Smart City Applications by means of 5G

A glimpse at the WINGS Starlit platform and at the validation plans based on 5G-EVE. 

A key activity for WINGS is the optimization of cities and liveability in general. This includes aspects

5G-EVE: Resolving Outages and Ensuring the Stability of Smart Grids by means of 5G / Wireless Broadband Technologies

WINGS has as a main area of activity the development of AI-powered platforms for the proactive optimization of utilities, i.e., water, energy and gas networks. 5G-EVE addresses energy use cases. In

5G-EVE: Intent-based mechanisms for vertical services and experiment specification over 5G infrastructures

Status update regarding the mechanisms developed by WINGS in the context of the 5G-EVE project for enabling the high level specification of services and experiments over 5G

Intrasoft International invests to WINGS' spin out company Incelligent

WINGS is proud to announce the investment of Intrasoft International to its spin out company Incelligent.

A new era begins focused, primarily, on AI-powered products for the banking, customs and