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PhasmaFOOD: First project review

WINGS ICT Solutions showcasing the first prototype of the PhasmaFOOD system at the EU commission reviewers as part of the first formal project review.


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WINGS at Thessaloniki International Fair 2018

WINGS participated to the DUTH booth at the Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF) 2018 for presenting to interested stakeholders CATARACT solutions related to water management, September 10th-14th

One5G: First project review

WINGS participated to the First Yearly Review of One5G. Our demo on "Management of critical (gas) infrastructures in rural/underserved areas, by means of mMTC, flexible/dynamic slicing, UAV

PhasmaFOOD: New prototype device

The first integrated PhasmaFOOD prototype device is now fully assembled, functional and is ready to be used in the first phase of validation and calibration activities of the project.

The PhasmaFOOD