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5G-EVE: New post on the EuCNC2019 demo

5G-EVE has updated its site with further material regarding demo videos from EuCNC2019 in Valencia.

The post included material on the Greek site and on WINGS personnel presenting

SecureGas: Securing The European Gas Network

Securing The European Gas Network (SecureGas) Project - Press Release

The European gas network forms an integral part of the EU’s energy needs and its plans to meet the carbon reduction figures set

EnergyWater: Project successfully completed

The Energywater project was successfully finalised. The project, among other outcomes, delivered an ICT tool (Energy Management Self-Assessment - EMSA Tool) for assessing energy efficiency of water

PhasmaFOOD: New electronic boards

New electronic boards designed and developed by WINGS ICT Solutions to be integrated in the next PhasmaFOOD sensing device for sensing mycotoxins in grains and nuts, spoilage in vegetables