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Daemon project - kick off meeting

We are honored to be participating in the official kick-off meeting of the Daemon project, this week. Daemon will deliver novelties for wireless Beyond the 5th Generation / 6th Generation (B5G/6G)

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6G Hexa-X flagship project

 WINGS participates in the 6G Hexa-X flagship project, supported by the European Commission  which will shape the B5G/6G vision, and design an intelligent fabric of technology enablers

Donation to the Hellenic Fire Brigade

WINGS ICT Solutions commits to the delivery of services that will help in addressing important challenges of our time: climate change, food security/safety, advanced utility networks and

4th FITCE Technology Forum

WINGS highlighted  its innovative products for smart sustainable cities powered by 5G, IoT and AI, in the 4th FITCE Technology Forum that took place on Friday, December 11