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SecureGas: Project meeting in Freiburg

We participated to the SecureGas meeting, in Freiburg, Germany, 09-11 September.
WINGS in SecureGas conducts work based on its Artemis-Gas platform.
Artemis (Artificial Intelligence and IoT Powered

5G-EVE: Project meeting in Pisa

WINGS participates to the 5G-EVE meeting that takes place in Pisa, Italy from September 3rd to September 5th 2019.
In the context of the meeting, there is also a session hosting ICT-19 projects, in

5G-HEART: Aquaculture use case presentation

WINGS presented the 5G-HEART aquaculture use case and the extensions to the 5G-EVE / Athens node scheduled in order to realize the trials, during the 5G-EVE meeting in Pisa, Italy from September

5G-EVE: New post on the EuCNC2019 demo

5G-EVE has updated its site with further material regarding demo videos from EuCNC2019 in Valencia.

The post included material on the Greek site and on WINGS personnel presenting