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Joint 5G EVE – 5G-TOURS Demo Webinar

Innovation drives WINGS.  We are getting ready since digital business will change in 2021. In the joint  5G EVE/5gtours webinar, we demonstrated the Smart Parking use case deployed and

Strengthening the security and resilience of the European Gas Network

In the past few months, WINGS has been preparing for the pilot of Business Case 1 "Risk-Based Security Asset Management", which will run on critical infrastructure (CI) elements of DEPA and EDAA

Tech Talk: 5G & Verticals

The fact that we are one of the leading players in the European market on technology and on creating efficient and secure applications for verticals is confirmed by our several

WINGS is participating in the ECOFACT project.

The demand for green and reliable energy systems grows across industries as digitization continues to change our world. Energy consumption reduction is critical, energy production from green sources