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[29.01.2014] [Smart Wireless Access] [Publication] FUSION Newsletter

Successful participation of WINGS ICT Solutions in the CREW project is mentioned in the FUSION Newsletter as an "SME Success Story using FIRE Testbeds".

The newsletter is available online at the

[18.11.2013] [Smart Wireless Access] [Project CREW] [Events] WP5A Seminar

WINGS (on behalf of the CREW Consortium) participated in the WP5A Seminar on "Cognitive Radio Systems and the Use of White Spaces". The event took place in the ITU premises in Geneva, Switzerland.

[20-22.11.2013] [Smart Wireless Access] [Project CREW]

WINGS participated in the annual review meeting of the CREW project. The meeting took place in TU Dresden in Germany and a demonstration of the WINGS experiment was conducted.

[08.11.2013] [Smart Wireless Access] [Project CREW] [Events] [Awards] ICT 2013

WINGS participated in the ICT2013 that took place in Vilnius, Lithuania on November 8th 2013. Dr. Kostas Tsagkaris received the Best Demonstration Stand Award in cluster 4 on behalf of the CREW