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[21-22.05.2014] [Smart Wireless Access] [Events] NetWorld2020: 5G SatCom Workshop

WINGS participated in the NetWorld2020: 5G SatCom Workshop. The Workshop took place in Barcelona, Spain and the views and potential contributions of WINGS to the satellite domain were presented

[17-20.03.2014] [Smart Wireless Access] [Events] Future Internet Assembly

WINGS participated in the Future Internet Assembly (FIA) through a live demonstration in the context of the FP7/CREW project. The event took place in Athens, Greece and was co-organized by the Greek

[01.04.2014] [Collaborations] Intelligent management of local broadband networks

WINGS is now in the progress of raising a seed private fund for creating a spin-out of a company that will be targeted to the intelligent management of local broadband networks (e.g., operated by

[29.01.2014] [Smart Wireless Access] [Publication] FUSION Newsletter

Successful participation of WINGS ICT Solutions in the CREW project is mentioned in the FUSION Newsletter as an "SME Success Story using FIRE Testbeds".

The newsletter is available online at the