Impaqt proposes an intelligent management platform for Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture (IMTA). Impaqt will develop and deploy novel sensors and data sources, together with smart systems required for long term autonomous monitoring in the field. An advanced IMTA model will be provided which yields spatially explicit information on how the different farm components interact with the environment on the scale of an ecosystem and that can be used for planning decisions by both farmers and regulators. Last but not least, an integrated management system, operating at the scale of an IMTA farm and comprising analytics and decision support functionalities, will be developed to enable enhanced operational decisions for animal welfare, production optimization, environmental protection and food quality assessment.
Impaqt systems and models will be validated in 6 pilots (Scotland, The Netherlands, Ireland, Turkey and China), addressing inland, coastal and offshore aquaculture.

WINGS involvement

WINGS in Impaqt will support novel operational functionalities in IMTA context based on data and predictive analytics (behavior monitoring, disease diagnosis, intelligent feeding, feed waste management, water quality monitoring), as well as optimal decision making and actuation with automation for optimising production systems, also triggering early warning alerts.

IMPAQT concept

Awards and demonstration video

Watch the WINGS first demonstration video:

Framework: H2020-SFS-2017-2
Duration: 05.2018 - 04.2021