Smart cities | environmental monitoring | smart mobility & parking

WINGS developed the STARLIT platform | Smart city extension (cloud baSed ioT smARt LIving platform) with the following goals in mind:

  • To support smart cities authorities with visualization of real time and historical data;
  • To offer smart cities authorities derived knowledge and valuable insights/predictions that will allow their smarter and more efficient management (e.g., in terms of traffic management, emergency management, resources management, etc.);
  • To provide the means that will allow citizens awareness on city ongoing and/or upcoming issues (e.g., traffic adjustments, future city status, etc.) and events; and
  • To support citizens (esp. elderly/impaired persons) in their outdoor activities.

Regarding use cases, the initial focus has been placed on the following:

  • To provide information on the air quality and other environmental conditions;
  • To provide prediction of city status;
  • To monitor the position of an elderly/impaired person outdoors;
  • To identify risks and hazards, based on location;
  • To identify risks and hazards, based on air quality in combination with person’s health status;
  • To provide notifications when an individual moves towards/enters into a high risk zone/hazardous area; and
  • To provide personalised navigation instructions and public transportation help considering user preferences and health/well-being status.

Technically, the WINGS ICT Solutions STARLIT platform | Smart city extension relies on

  • City sensors (e.g., pollution, pollen, traffic), weather APIs and environmental measurements, such as humidity, temperature
  • Smart watches/wearable devices for deriving user data
  • Communications technologies, such as HTTP, REST and MQTT
  • Data management algorithms, focused on improving the quality of the data
  • Data analysis and prediction algorithms
  • User friendly and customizable dashboards