Food safety & security (emerging)

The main objective of PhasmaFOOD project is to design and implement a parameterized, knowledge-based, multi-target food sensitive mini-portable system, with heterogeneous micro-scale photonics for on-the-spot food quality sensing and shelf-life prediction. In particular, the miniaturized smart integrated system will be able to detect food hazards, spoilage and food fraud through the combined bio-chemical data analysis and additionally will be able to perform food components/additives analysis, food identification and prediction of food shelf-life.

PhasmaFOOD outcome is validated in three (3) use cases, in order to prove a cross-application and scalable market approach, at both lab validation scale and industrial trials.

Use case 1: Detection of mycotoxins in various grains and nuts. Aflatoxins detection. A simple, convenient ultraviolet test makes it possible to detect the possible presence of aflatoxin.

Use case 2: Detection of early sign of spoilage and spoilage in fruits, vegetables, meat, fish: combined with estimation on product expiration date.

Use case 3: Detection of food fraud: Adulteration of alcoholic beverages, oil, milk and meat. 


WINGS prospects. WINGS has started a stream of work that is targeted to hardware-based smart systems. WINGS is developing solutions such as the PhasmaFOOD mini-portable system for on-the-spot food quality sensing, the CATARACT platform on smart water management and the Impaqt platform that provides an integrated multitrophic aquaculture management system.