Smart/Liveable cities

WINGS ICT Solutions has developed and is continuously enhancing its cloud-based platform focusing on Smart/Liveable cities aspects, namely smart cities, assisted living and health.

The platform interacts both with sensors and actuators and comprises of:

  1. Capabilities for self-management of services/applications, so as to facilitate greater flexibility, reliability and robustness.
  2. Machine learning functionality (e.g. Bayesian statistics, timeseries forecasting, Self-organising maps) for building knowledge and predicting contextual factors (e.g., traffic, pollution, parking space availability, user’s vital signs evolution, etc.). The derived knowledge can be exploited for reliable raising of alarms, making efficient recommendations, informing the authorities, as well as for application & system configuration.
  3. Decision making capabilities for the autonomous selection of the optimal application configuration actions taking into account current context, user profiles and knowledge. Application actions include for example the dynamic adjustment of indoor temperature based on user profile and behaviour knowledge in a smart home scenario.

More details on the platform and the respective technologies can be found in the following pages:

  1. Smart cities
  2. Assisted living
  3. Health (MigraineNet)