WINGS ICT Solutions has developed and is continuously enhancing its utilities’ platform ARTEMIS (Artificial Intelligence and IoT Powered Platform for the Proactive Management of Utilities) and EMSA web tool, leveraging on commercial and on more novel sensors, standardized communication technologies, analytics and artificial intelligence, visualization and customizable dashboards, so as to offer

  1. embedded intelligence for smart sensors that offer identification of critical events, self-adaptation of measurement and transmission profiles and energy management; and
  2. embedded and cloud-based intelligence (based on analytics and artificial intelligence) for smart water management that enables prediction of critical events and data correlation for identification of complex events;
  3. an innovative management platform for addressing in a holistic way key utilities-related cases (e.g. smart metering, supply-demand matching, leakage detection and unusual consumption patterns, loss estimation and network efficiency evaluation, water quality evaluation).

WINGS has developed and is also continuously enhancing its Smart NB-IoT Metering Device, as well as the EMSA web tool. The main purpose of this device is to 

  1. retrieve measurements from water/gas/electricity meters, pulse units and water quality sensors and
  2. wirelessly transmit them over standardized protocols e.g., NB-IoT to a cloud infrastructure where they are stored. A web-based application can be provided for monitoring the retrieved measurements.

More details on the platform and the respective technologies can be found in the following pages:

  1. Water
  2. Energy
  3. Gas