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[09-10.11.2016] [Smart Wirelss Access] [Events] Second Global 5G Event

WINGS members attended the Second Global 5G Event on 9-10 November 2016, Rome (Italy). The event offered both lively debates around spectrum, standards and deployment of 5G, as well as exciting

[08-10.02.2017] [Smart Wireless Access] [Project Fantastic5G]

WINGS ICT Solutions was very happy to have hosted the Fantasti5G meeting from February 8th to February 10th in Athens!

[25.04.2017] [Smart Wireless Access] [Project Fantastic5G] [Events] Opportunities and challenges of 5G in the EU

WINGS ICT Solutions participated in the 5G Event "Opportunities and challenges of 5G in the EU", organised by STOA European Parliament. During the workshop key points of the Fantastic5G project were

[12.05.2017] [Software Networks] [Event] 5GMan2017 Presentation

WINGS participated in the the Second IFIP/IEEE International Workshop on Management of 5G Networks (5GMan 2017). WINGS presented the concepts and the progress of the ARCADIA project, also giving a

[19.05.2017] [Newsletter] WINGS Newsletter | March - April 2017

In this Newsletter an overview of March and April activities is presented. Our focus has been mainly on the beginning of new projects and engaging in collaboration activities, as well as on

[21-22.06.2017] [Smart Wireless Access] [Flex5Gware project] Final event

This week WINGS participated in the final event of the Flex5Gware Project. The first day focused on 5G, including demos of projects, while during the second day the CLEEN2017 Workshop took place.