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[21-22.01.2016] [Smart Wireless Access] [Events] 5GPPP workshop on Air Interfaces

WINGS participated in the 5GPPP workshop on Air Interfaces, organized in Valencia, Spain. In the context of the workshop the current outcomes of Fantastic-5G project related to evaluation

[21-22.01.2016] [Smart Wireless Access] [Events] 5G PPP event

WINGS participated in the 5G PPP Phase 2 Stakeholders event in Brussels, Belgium.

[19.04.2016] [Smart Wireless Access] [Events] NetWorld 2020 Technology Platform and 5G-PPP collaboration

WINGS participated in pre-arranged working meetings with industrial stakeholders in the framework of the NetWorld 2020 Technology Platform and 5G-PPP collaboration, in Brussels, Belgium.

[17-18.05.2016] [Smart Wireless Access] [Events] 5GPPP Info Day

WINGS attended the 5GPPP Info Day which took place in Warsaw, Poland. In the context of this event meetings with potential stakeholders / users of the wider 5G community took place.

[09-10.11.2016] [Smart Wirelss Access] [Events] Second Global 5G Event

WINGS members attended the Second Global 5G Event on 9-10 November 2016, Rome (Italy). The event offered both lively debates around spectrum, standards and deployment of 5G, as well as exciting

[06-07.02.2017] [Smart Wireless Access] [Events] 5GPPP meeting

WINGS ICT Solutions hosted the 5GPPP cross-project workshop from February 6th to February 7th!

Fruitful discussions on 5G took place during the workshop!