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[03-05.06.2014] [Big Data] [Events] SAPPHIRE NOW

WINGS participated in SAPPHIRE NOW event in Orlando, Florida. SAPPHIRE NOW is a major event organized by SAP with the aim to communicate and promote products based on SAP supporting technologies and

[01.09.2014] [Big Data] [Collaborations] SAP Startup Focus

Information related to the WINGS solution on "Big Data & Predictive Analytics" is published in the website of SAP Startup Focus.

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[16.01.2015] [Big Data] [Events] Big Data networking day

WINGS participated in the "Horizon 2020 ICT-16 Big Data networking day". The event took place in Brussels, Belgium.

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[01.04.2015] [Big Data] [Verticals–Health] [Project MigraineNet]

WINGS started working on a project related to "Cloud platform for the analysis of Migraine Data based oN MobilE ApplicaTions, Social Media and Wearables" (MigraineNet). The project is funded by the

[01.04.2015] [Big Data] [Collaborations] IBM

WINGS initiated collaboration with IBM. The collaboration is related to the provision of big data and respective applications/ services.

[20-22.10.2015] [Big Data] [Verticals–Health] [Events] ICT 2015

WINGS participated and sought investors for MigraneNet by pitching on the ICT 2015 event. The event took place in Lisbon, Portugal.

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