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[27-29.09.2016] [Cloud-to-Things Continuum] [Project Phantom]

WINGS participated in the PHANTOM review meeting in Brussels, Belgium.

[25-27.10.2016] [Cloud-to-Things Continuum] [Verticals-Water] [Project Proteus]

WINGS participated in the technical meeting in Sense-City in Paris, France. Integration activities on OpenSCADA-AqualaboSCADA-Proteus ORACLE with UI and Aqualabo.

[25-27.10.2016] [Cloud-to-Things Continuum] [Events] IoT Conference

WINGS participated in the 2nd EAI International Conference on Interoperability in IoT.

[16-19.11.2016] [Cloud-to-Things Continuum] [Verticals-Smart City] [Verticals-Smart Home] [Project iKaaS]

WINGS participated in the second year review of iKaaS Project, in Spain, Madrid.

[24-25.01.2017] [Cloud-to-Things Continuum] [Verticals-Food Security and Safety] [Project PhasmaFOOD]

WINGS ICT Solutions participated in the kickoff meeting of the PhasmaFOOD Project in Athens.

WINGS serves as the Technical Manager of the project.


Paraskevas Bourgos talking about System

[31.01-02.02.2017] [Cloud-to-Things Continuum] [Verticals-Water] [Project Proteus]

WINGS ICT Solutions participated in the General Assembly meeting of the PROTEUS project took place in Nice, France. Fruitful discussions and collaboration activities took place, results to be