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[24-25.01.2017] [Cloud-to-Things Continuum] [Verticals-Food Security and Safety] [Project PhasmaFOOD]

WINGS ICT Solutions participated in the kickoff meeting of the PhasmaFOOD Project in Athens.

WINGS serves as the Technical Manager of the project.


Paraskevas Bourgos talking about System

PhasmaFOOD project newspaper article

The Greek newspaper Ypaithros published an article on the main targets of PhasmaFOOD [in Greek).

For more information please visit: https://goo.gl/NfS1ZW

WINGS ICT Solutions at the MicroNanoConference
This week we will be at the MicroNanoConference in Amsterdam in order to present the PhasmaFood Project.
More info: http://www.micronanoconference.org/
PhasmaFOOD Electronic boards

WINGS has received the electronic boards for sensing food quality and safety. The boards were designed by WINGS and are part of the research done in the context of H2020 PhasmaFOOD project.

PhasmaFOOD: New prototype device

The first integrated PhasmaFOOD prototype device is now fully assembled, functional and is ready to be used in the first phase of validation and calibration activities of the project.

The PhasmaFOOD

PhasmaFOOD: First project review

WINGS ICT Solutions showcasing the first prototype of the PhasmaFOOD system at the EU commission reviewers as part of the first formal project review.


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