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[27-29.09.2016] [Cloud-to-Things Continuum] [Project Phantom]

WINGS participated in the PHANTOM review meeting in Brussels, Belgium.

[05-07.10.2016] [Smart Wireless Access] [Project Fantastic5G]

WINGS participated in the Fantastic5G plenary meeting, in Aalborg, Denmark.

[16-19.11.2016] [Cloud-to-Things Continuum] [Verticals-Smart City] [Verticals-Smart Home] [Project iKaaS]

WINGS participated in the second year review of iKaaS Project, in Spain, Madrid.

[08-10.02.2017] [Smart Wireless Access] [Project Fantastic5G]

WINGS ICT Solutions was very happy to have hosted the Fantasti5G meeting from February 8th to February 10th in Athens!

[15-16.02.2017] [Smart Wireless Access] [Project Speed5G]

WINGS ICT Solutions participated to the SPEED5G project meeting that took place in Athens, presenting our radio resource management (RRM) solutions with respect to channel allocation in 5G

[22-24.02.2017] [Cloud-to-Things Continuum] [Project Phantom]

WINGS ICT Solutions participated in the PHANTOM project meeting in Stuttgart. The main topics of the meeting were the showcase of the PHANTOM components development and integration regarding