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[26-28.11.2014] [Verticals] [Events] EU Infoday

WINGS participated in the "Modernizing the public sector and boosting economic growth through innovation procurement" EU Information Day. The event took place in Milan, Italy.

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[26-27.01.2015] [Software Networks] [Project Arcadia]

WINGS participated in the kick-off meeting of the H2020/ICT ARCADIA EU-funded project. The project is about "A Novel Reconfigurable By Design Highly Distributed Applications Development Paradigm Over

[10-11.11.2015] [Software Networks] [Project Arcadia]

WINGS participated in the ARCADIA project meeting. The meeting took place in Athens, Greece.

[26-27.10.2016] [Software Networks] [Project Arcadia] [Publication]

A framework to support interoperability in IoT and facilitate the development and deployment of highly distributed cloud applications

A paper presenting the work on progress in the ARCADIA project