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[01.04.2015] [Big Data] [Verticals–Health] [Project MigraineNet]

WINGS started working on a project related to "Cloud platform for the analysis of Migraine Data based oN MobilE ApplicaTions, Social Media and Wearables" (MigraineNet). The project is funded by the

[20-22.10.2015] [Big Data] [Verticals–Health] [Events] ICT 2015

WINGS participated and sought investors for MigraneNet by pitching on the ICT 2015 event. The event took place in Lisbon, Portugal.

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[24.02.2016] [Big Data] [Verticals–Health] [Project MigraineNet]

WINGS participated in a meeting with PHS fund to present MigraineNet business case and solution, current state and outcomes, and future steps for collaboration in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

[11-12.05.2016] [Big Data] [Verticals–Health] [Events] Benelux Venture Forum

WINGS participated in the Benelux Venture Forum (BVF) 2016 for promoting MigraineNet project and outcomes in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium.

[16.05.2016] [Big Data] [Verticals–Health] MigraineNET meeting

WINGS members met with Dr. Vikelis and Dr. Dermitzakis for further consulting with the later on the design and development of the MigraineNET application.

[24.04.2017] [Smart Wireless Access] [Cloud-to-Things Continuum] [Big Data] [Verticals-Water] [Verticals-Health]
WINGS ICT Solutions' success story is now published in the NetWorld2020 website!