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Water Quality Measurement - first Smart Campus
Cosmote announced the realization of the first Smart Campus, based on the NB-IoT technology.
Read more details [in Greek] in the following articles of digitallife.gr and epixeiro.gr.


Monetization of WINGS IoT, AI & advanced wireless experience
WINGS works towards the monetization of its background and experience in the IoT, AI and Wireless domains.
WINGS members have worked on R&D in the field of IoT (Internet of Things), cognition
Smart Connected Water Solution presented at OTE/COSMOTE personnel

WINGS presented its NB-IoT based Smart Connected Water Solution (Cataract platform) at Cosmote premises to OTE personnel.
In cooperation with OTE the Cataract platform is currently piloted in the

Smart Connected Water Solution presented at OTE/COSMOTE event

Today we are happy to be again at the OTE/COSMOTE premises, as further discussions with OTE colleagues take place on our Water Quality Management platform CATARACT.