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[01.06.2015] [Cloud-to-Things Continuum] [Verticals-Water] [Project Proteus] [Memberships] WssTP

WINGS is a member of the Water Supply and Sanitation Technology Platform (WssTP).

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[21-23.06.2016] [Cloud-to-Things Continuum] [Verticals-Water] [Project Proteus] [Events] Water& Innovation Event

WINGS participated in the Water and Innovation Event in Brussels, Belgium. The event was organised by WssTP. More specifically WINGS participated in

  1. the WssTP "Strategic Innovation Research
[22-24.11.2016] [Cloud-to-Things Continuum] [Verticals-Water] [Project Proteus]

WINGS participated in the WssTP Brokerage & WG Event in Brussels, Belgium. The participation was in the context of dissemination, communication and exploitation activities of PROTEUS project.

[27-28.03.2017] [Cloud-to-Things Continuum] [Verticals-Water] ​[Project Proteus] [Events] Water Market Europe

WINGS participated in Water Market Europe, a new event cycle that WssTP is setting up to create a unique innovation and business environment, where state of the art water knowledge and research

[14-15.06.2017] [Cloud-to-Things Continuum] [Verticals-Water] WaterIE2017

WINGS participated in WssTP, Water Innovation Event in Brussels.

During the first day WINGS participated in the Water & ICT WG and ICT4Water Cluster discussion and presented the activities of PROTEUS