WINGS developed the ARTEMIS (Artificial Intelligence and IoT Powered Platform for the Proactive Management of Utilities), with the following goals in mind:

  • To cover all main stakeholders of the ecosystem, i.e., water supply and sanitation companies, as well as their customers;
  • To address drink water distribution, as well as rain, storm and waste water networks;
  • To address most important use cases in the areas above.

Regarding use cases, the initial focus has been placed on the following:

  • Predicting demands;
  • Predicting the water levels, based on various heterogeneous factors;
  • Identifying and locating leakages;
  • Predicting contamination situations.

Technically, the WINGS ICT Solutions ARTEMIS platform relies on

  • Sensors, which can be commercial or experimental ones, and each one focused on one or more monitored parameters;
  • Advanced wireless communications solutions, based on state of the art protocols like NB-IoT or GPRS, or LoRa;
  • Data management algorithms, focused on improving the quality of the data
  • Data analysis and prediction algorithms
  • User friendly and customizable dashboards

ARTEMIS platform